Thursday, August 18, 2005


4pp4r3nt1y, if y0u typ3 1ik3 4 dumb4ss 4nd w4st3 y0ur "l1f3" p14y1ng Wh0-Th3-Fuxx0r-Kn0ws-Wh4t-G4m3II, j00 4r3 4ut0m4tic411y 4110wed t0 pr3f0rm 0p3r4t10ns 0f t3h h4xx0rz (r314t3d 4nd unr314t3d t0 t3h us3 4nd/0r 0p3r4ti0n 0f w4r3z) 4nd 41s0 h4v3 4d3qu4t31y m4d sk1lls th4t pwnz0rz. Furth3rm0r3, th0s3 w1th0u7 such sk1lls 0r sk1lls 0f l3ss3r m4dn3ss 4r3 r3qu1r3d t0 ph34r j00. 0th3rw1s3 j00 4r3 73h n00bz0rz 4nd d0 n0t pwnz0rz 1n 4ny w4y, sh4p3, 0r ph0rm. 8ut in r341ity, j00 4r3n't c00l, y0u'r3 just 4 s31f-di11ut3d dumb4ss. G00d luxx0r wit th4t.

37337 w0uld tr4nsl4t3 p3rf3ct1y int0 "elite" if it didn't r3411y m34n "dipshitx0r". 31337 15 |= 0 |2
|= |_| ( |{|-|34|)5!!!

Oh, it was painful to type that. If you don't understand part of it, leave a comment, I might put up a translation of it.